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If you are considering immigration to the United States, then you may ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where will you live?
  • How exactly do you get resident status?
  • How will you make money?

Our website offers you resources that will allow you to find answers to these questions.


To get the status of a US permanent resident (green card), you may consider business immigration. This path is the most reliable among those available for entrepreneurs.

The key aspect of immigration is acquiring a business in America. As licensed business brokers, we will select a company that meets both the requirements of the immigration service and your personal preferences. Check out the businesses that are for sale.

Business immigration is the most sustainable channel for moving to America. The rejection rate for L-1A and EB-5 visas is much lower than in any other scenario. Alternative channels, such as political asylum or marriage to an American citizen, in most cases, are not suitable for successful entrepreneurs. The green card lottery offers a terribly low chance of success. It is not so simple though. It is the uncertainty of the process that makes many entrepreneurs postpone the decision about immigration to America indefinitely.

Our services minimize uncertainty and help you make the right choice within a reasonable timeframe.

Correctly filing your petition to the USCIS is extremely important for successfully obtaining the US permanent resident status. The acquisition of a suitable business is a big part of that. Our many years of experience is the key to such success.

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