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In the process of selling a business, due diligence is the stage when many deals fall apart. Investors may lose trust in declared financial performance when they see how sloppy the books are. As a result, they walk out of the deal or start renegotiation of price. In any case, it generates enormous stress for you as the business owner.

To avoid those troubles, you have to do your homework before the investor appears on your doorstep. The best time to do it is before you put a price on your business.

Our “Preparing Your Business to Sell” program is due diligence, in some sense. We witness hundreds of due diligence processes, and we know where business owners usually stumble.

By performing “Preparing Your Business to Sell” before putting your business on market, you will eliminate many unpleasant surprises, and will get to your ultimate goal without stress.

If you are missing some important documents, we will help you to restore them.  We will make sure that the most common errors do not stay on your books.

Take action now. Schedule a call with our specialist and see how we can help you get what you deserve.

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